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Luxburg Carolath Asset Management AG (LCAM) is a globally operating asset management company providing financial services in form of consulting and supervision of transactions. As a 100% subsidiary owned by the Luxburg Carolath Holding AG, headquartered at Schloss Knonau, Switzerland, LCAM focuses on the sale of financial products of the Luxburg Carolath Group.


Luxburg Carolath. Tradition Since 1329

Proprietor of Strong Historical Foundations Which Trace Back Hundreds of Years.






Custodian Banks





Asset Management
Structured asset management services, only for liabilities contracted by a particular sub-fund.
Trusts & Trust Management
Luxburg Carolath invests a lot of its resources into its trusts and trust management services.
Financial Consulting
Experienced and rewarding financial consulting services, for those who deem it necessary.
Credit Score
Analyzing both, the business as well as the private credit-score, allows our clients a more detailed understanding of their financial capabilities.
Custodian Banking Services
Fully functional banking services in cooperation with custodian banks from 11 different countries across the globe.
Support & Planning
Professional and efficient support and planning services for all financial requirements.

In Partnership With Finaport

FINAPORT is a Swiss wealth management firm with offices in Zurich, Singapore and Miami. Core business is modern, global private banking with the aim to maintain and increase clients’ assets. Quality and success are the highest priority. Clients are wealthy individuals and families from around the world and FINAPORT provide them with advice and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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